Sunday, October 12, 2008

Atlantic City Run: 10/10/08

I took the day off because I couldn't fall asleep the night before.  Maybe it was because I was nervous about losing money to the casinos as the stock market continues to take a hit.  Or maybe it was just the pot of coffee I drank in the afternoon.  Nevertheless, I spent the waning hours of night watching Gus Hansen, OMGClayAiken, trex313 and some others playing $500/$1000 Cap Limit ($30K) Hold' Em on Full Tilt.  Seeing those guys mucking $500 small blinds and  exchanging $1K to $30K from hand to hand made me feel a little better about the $500 bankroll I planned to play with on our trip.

Lungfish calls to say that Moser will be heading out from the city at 4 and should be arriving between 5-5:30 to pick us up.  The plan is to drop off our stuff at the beach house in Margate and grab dinner before we hit the tables.

Lungfish drops by to wait.  We watch online videos of Phil Ivey playing craps.  He loses $200K in 2 minutes and then another $200K in the next 10 minutes.  He buys in with the remaining $600K in his $1M bankroll and goes on a run to finish up.  Inspirational.  We receive a call from Moser to let us know he's running late so we fill up on some Tostitos while we wait.

8:00PM - 10:30PM
Moser is here and we're heading out two and a half hours behind schedule.  We get to the house around 10:30 but run into another hitch.  No keys.  We end up hoisting Moser up through an open window in the back.  After years of med school and residency, he finally finds his true calling.  Burglary.

None of the Pier Shop restaurants at Caesar's serve food past 11:00 and we observe that even Easton Ave is livelier at night than it is here.  We leave the depressing scene and head over to Cafe Rosa for a much anticipated dinner.  We think that the food is great but maybe it's just because we were starving.  It's like what Eddie says in Raw:

"If you're starving and somebody throws you a cracker, you gonna be like this: That's the best cracker I ever ate in my life!  That ain't no regular cracker, was it?  What was that, a saltine?  That was delicious.  That wasn't no saltine.  That was... that was a Ritz.  That wasn't a Ritz?  That was the best cracker I ever ate in my life."

11:30PM - 2:00AM
Our stomachs are full and we're finally cruising the tables and checking out the action.  The $15 min blackjack tables at Caesar's are a little stiff for us and I'm still wary of the unfriendly dealers we encountered a few trips ago.  The craps tables downstairs are packed but also unappealing.  We decide to head over to Wild Wild West instead.  

I love Wild Wild West because it's down to earth, a little more low-key than the other casinos and the dealers are friendly.  But mostly because I've had some pretty good luck there.  We find a $10 min blackjack table with only two players and sit down as the dealer's reshuffling.  I buy in for $200 and we're off.

On the first hand, the guy to the right of me doesn't take a hit on his 16 even though the dealer's showing a 10.  Even though I win the hand, Lungfish and I give each other an "uh-oh here we go" type of look at the questionable play.  Thankfully the guy leaves after two more hands and I feel better about the table now.  I move over to the first spot, my favorite, and I go on an immediate run, winning 7 hands in a row.  I raise my bet to $20, hit blackjack and I'm feeling great.  When I eventually lose my first hand I feel like saying "well, you can't win them all" but I hold my tongue since I'm not keeping track of how the other players are doing.

I'm up around $110 at this point and am thinking of getting up but I can't because I'm waiting for the drink lady to bring me my free coffee with Jameson.  I mistakenly order it black and it tastes horrible but I drink it anyway.  This free coffee ends up costing me about $60 since that's what I lose in the time I'm waiting.  I get up from the table up $50 and head over to watch some craps.

The table looks crowded but I notice that this ghetto lady is taking up about 4 spots at the end of the rail and a middle-aged indian guy's wife is taking up another spot.  I stand around a little longer and it looks like the table's heating up.  Ghetto lady's man is rolling and he's just hit two points.   I squeeze my way between ghetto lady and the stickman and buy in for $200.

I'm up a little bit after the first shooter hits a couple winners on his come out roll.  I have 1x odds behind my $10 pass line bet when I place a come bet and the shooter rolls a seven.  At this point the stickman sweeps up all the chips, including my come bet and I protest.  She sees what happens and yells to the pit boss, "I took his bet by mistake" to which the pit boss responds, "Make it right and don't let him catch you next time."

The next shooter is the middle-aged indian guy.  I bet $10 on the pass line and he rolls a 4.  I back it up with 1x odds and place $12 on the six and the eight.  He hits the six after two rolls and I press it.  Two rolls later he hits the eight and I press that too.  He then goes on a ridiculous run shooting sixes and eights while wiping out every dealers' stack of chips with the dice.  I'm stuffing chips in every pocket at this point.  All throughout this session, ghetto lady is yelling at him to roll a four.  I back up the point to 3x odds when she finally gives up saying "I'm not yellin' anymo'.  I'm tired."  Perfect timing.  He rolls a 4 and the table erupts.

I'm ready to leave after the indian guy finally craps out but the dealers are counting the chips in the middle.  They tell me that I can color up at another table but I decide to stick around for ghetto lady's roll though just to see how it goes.  She rolls a 4, I back it up, and she immediately hits it.  Great times and I have no idea how much I'm up.

Final tally:
-20 dinner: -13 cash, -7 comps
-5 parking
+50 blackjack
+345 craps

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